Stolen Moments

Precious quiet moments we treasure

They’re much too infrequent, but always a pleasure

Sharing a knowing look, a smile, a kiss

When we’re apart those are the things we miss


Stolen moments are much too rare

They are the times we love to share

We reminisce about the days of old

Discussing things that should never be told


Basking in each others company with delight

Wondering if we’ll ever get to share a night

For now, we must be and are content

With each and every Stolen Moment

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The Act of ….

Unbeknownst to many people

there’s much, much more to sex

than the actual act of intercourse

It is a relationship

that entails

commitment, imagination and

the opening of one’s self to the unknown.

Going back to the experimental days of high school

where an orgasmic grind was mind blowing

when talking dirty created physical reactions

How the mere thought of a touch or a word

could start a river flowing.

Give me now, the innocence, carefree spirit

and ambition of adolescence

mixed with the maturity and know how

of adulthood

and you will make me

a blissfully happy,

sexually fulfilled…


It’s Not Her Fault

It’s Not Her Fault

It’s not her fault that you ignored forbidden lines,

That you entered into territory that wasn’t meant for you

That you violated & destroyed a child’s innocence

That you damaged a child emotionally & psychologically for decades

That you side tracked her path to greatness into








None of it was/is her fault

But it’s her burden to bear

It’s her wound to heal

It’s her scar to wear

      on her wounded soul 


Human nature is

dictated by curiosity.

We want what we can’t have

We like to play with fire.

Feel the heat!


We desire

sensuous bedroom eyes

soft lips and gentle caresses.

Precious few moments

for stolen kisses.

Hidden signs that tell of

future meetings.

Intense flames!


We long for romantic encounters.

The stuff novels are made of

star filled nights

exploding with hot passion.

Hearts and bodies becoming one.



Consumed by the Fire!!!

Happy #@! Valentines Day

                            A ten-foot Black                     Heart was erected

                       Today by a man with a             broken, lonely heart to

                    share with all others  who are sad, broken-hearted, lonely,

                   & single.  Tired of seeing others smiling, starry-eyed, carrying

                 heart-shaped balloons lying “I love you”; proudly sporting roses                              

                that’ll die as quickly as “love” can; as well as cards, candy and

                 stupid lookin teddy bears. Wishing for a dart gun to pop those

                    balloons and praying this God forsaken day will be over

                        with soon. Hoping no one else will smile at you and

                           say “Happy Valentine’s Day” at which point you

                                  either scream, cry, or ask “What’s so Damn

                                      happy about it”, or quietly grumble

                                            “Happy #@! Valentines

                                                       to you, too!”


                                                     Lonely Hearts



I’m sorry

but your “sorry”

just ain’t sorry enough….


Not enough to:

– heal the hurt of a heaving heart

– repair the soul you’ve shattered

– dry the tears leaking from my swollen eyes

– alleviate this unbearable pain


It’s too little, too late to fill the chasm left by your thoughtless actions

  followed by your stinging words


You’re sorry?  For what?

            For getting caught?

            For my silence?

            For my absence?



You may be sorry

but your pathetic apology ain’t enough

to heal this hurt or right this wrong.


Go be sorry with her.

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Kindred Spirits

Meeting someone for the first time

that you’ve known before.

How could that be?


Reaching out to shake their hand

jolted by electricity.

Was that generated by me?


Getting to know each other

you talk, laugh and share.

Your souls quickly become

an inseparable pair.


Having so much in common with them

just seems too unreal.

Can’t begin to express to them

just how you feel.


So many words between you

that go unspoken.

A spiritual bond

that can never be broken.


No need to speak of things

you already know

Your kindred spirits will be as one

no matter where you two may go.