Blanket of Love

From the moment we first spoke, heat emanated from your soul reaching the coldest, darkest corners of mine.

Looking into your eyes for the first time produced a jolt of electricity that jump-started my sputtering heart, making it roar back to life.

From the beginning, being with you felt like being enveloped in a warm blanket of serenity, strength, & love.

Moments with you were always filled with immeasurable comfort and joy. Whether locked in a sweet embrace, watching TV or doing nothing at all, with you….I am at peace.

I did not realize just how very cold, exposed I had been until your blanket of love warmed my soul, soothed my heartaches, and provided much needed security.

For many months, one could have called me Linus…..I have carried a security blanket with me everywhere I went….called You.

© Nikki B.


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