Communing with Nature

For the past 13 years, I have traveled from home to attend a work-related conference and never paid attention to the environment. But I had never felt my spirit so troubled, deeply mired in turmoil. For the first time, I took the time to truly appreciate the mountains in front of the hotel and the woods in back of it. Three nights ago, I took a walk to have a smoke and stared at the trees. I enjoyed the experience. This time, for some reason, I really saw the trees….leading me to be still and commune with nature. I was filled with far more peace and joy that I can remember since childhood. I approached the wooded area and smiled in a way I hadn’t since my father died. Feeling full of wonder, security and knowing…that all will be well in time. And a deep understanding that, for once, I must follow my heart, put me first and find a home in an environment that I love.

I started writing this a day ago. In truth, I enjoyed 3 beautiful nights of walking near the trees, staring up at the stars, listening to the wind rustle the dry leaves and watching bunnies hop in & out of bushes. I don’t remember the last time I felt so at peace. A dozen different thoughts scampered all around me, sorting out my truths from others’ lies, making firm decisions on things I’ve pondered for many months. For several weeks, I’d felt my world had been flipped upside down forcing me into action to set it right again….in a very different way. Communing with nature provided the cloak of harmony needed to see my path without obstruction.

Perhaps, it’s my Native American ancestry that draws me to nature. Whatever it is….I have found my sanctuary.

Peace & Luv!

Nikki B


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