The Wall

This wall didn’t appear over night…

34 years ago…a feeble protective cover was hastily constructed

Over the years, it was replaced with a 30-foot castle wall

painstakingly built, brick my brick with each disappointment, betrayal, heartache, rejection.

At first there were no openings….Yes, I walled myself IN and everyone else OUT.

Once I decided to come out every now & then,  I added a drawbridge but it remains closed.

Now there have been occasions when lowering the bridge seemed like a good idea but…I’ve never quite gotten it all the way down.  There’s always some action that makes my guard pull the chain hard and cut off access….for my protection, of course.

There was one crafty bastard who infiltrated the castle through a back passage.  Don’t know how he found it but…it doesn’t matter now.  He’s been banished and it’s been sealed.

Here’s my dilemma…if I never put the bridge down, how will anyone gain access?

But if I grant access to a hidden enemy…the result would be disastrous to all parties involved.

Hmmmm….what to do…What…To…DO?!!

Assholes of the world only reinforce the desire to fortify that wall & enjoy solitude without bullshit.



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