I wonder

  if everyone has that

one special someone in their life.

One who is truly a friend.

No matter where you are,

  or what’s going on in your lives,

  or who you’re with,

  you always gravitate towards one another.

One that is warm, caring and understanding.

One who’s eyes

  are deep brown pools of love.

That certain emotional bond

  that’s almost spiritual.

When together, you feel completely whole

  like you’ve at long last

  found the missing piece.

One with whom you can physically bond

  and melt into one anothers souls,

  yet always keep a perspective

  on the scope of your love and

  on the dynamics of your relationship.

Do we all really have a soulmate?!

One whose’ very touch

  can send you with warp speed

  straight into the waiting arms

of Ecstasy.

That place where time has no meaning,

  reality has no shape, takes no form;

  where all inhibitions are set free.

That place where I long to return

  with that special someone,

  so that we, once again, may walk through

The Gates of Ecstasy!!!


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