How do you embrace life when

you’ve just been handed a sentence of death.


How do you go on and not lose your mind

wondering about your last breath.


So many goals, hopes, and dreams.

So many tears, cries, and screams.


This is so shocking & frightening.  I can’t be dying!

Check the chart again, Doc.  You must be lying.


Caught in a black storm. Oh! God, where is my silver lining?

In the prime of my life, this is such lousy timing.


Wanna give up, but can’t give in.

Not dead yet, maybe I can still win.


There is still so much to see and do.

Life is not over, just for me it’s new.


Death may try to embrace me and cause much strife

But until it conquers, I will embrace life.


(Dedicated to those living with HIV and AIDS)


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