Happy #@! Valentines Day

                            A ten-foot Black                     Heart was erected

                       Today by a man with a             broken, lonely heart to

                    share with all others  who are sad, broken-hearted, lonely,

                   & single.  Tired of seeing others smiling, starry-eyed, carrying

                 heart-shaped balloons lying “I love you”; proudly sporting roses                              

                that’ll die as quickly as “love” can; as well as cards, candy and

                 stupid lookin teddy bears. Wishing for a dart gun to pop those

                    balloons and praying this God forsaken day will be over

                        with soon. Hoping no one else will smile at you and

                           say “Happy Valentine’s Day” at which point you

                                  either scream, cry, or ask “What’s so Damn

                                      happy about it”, or quietly grumble

                                            “Happy #@! Valentines

                                                       to you, too!”


                                                     Lonely Hearts



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