Spring has Sprung!

The days are getting longer

The weather feels much warmer

The feeling is getting stronger

To be or to find a charmer


Flowers are beginning to bloom

Summer is coming fast! Zip! Bam! Boom!

The men will ogle, the ladies will swoon

Wishing their workdays ended at noon

The children will be out of school soon (yikes!!)


Every eye watches the sky and soaring birds

Every ear listens for special songs, whispered words


Laying in the park, staring past the trees

Dreaming of sailing across the seven seas


People, suntan lotion, and bathing suits

Thoughts of heading out to the beach

Family reunions, getting back to our roots

Summer vacation just within reach


Spring has sprung, the fever is here

We’ll all mill about without a care . . .

        Except that summer is coming.


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