A Change is Needed

As we speed into the new millenium

There is a vast expansion of technology, but . . .


What about expanding our minds

What about demonstrating humanity

What about providing equal educational opportunities

What about awakening or social conscious

What about extending wealth & health to all people

What about practicing racial & sexual tolerance

What about embarking on overseas missions at home

What about love & respect for ourselves & for others

What about protecting our children

What about honoring our aged


Now is the time for change & growth

Now is the time to move in a new direction.


Beautiful You

As I look out

at the autumn leaves

turning beautiful shades

of yellow, gold, orange and red.

I think of you.

Here I stand, admiring

the quiet, shimmering surface of the bay.

As I turn to watch

the rising waves of the ocean

gently kiss the beach

and listen to the cry

of the seagulls soaring above

I cry with them

And think of you.

Now I ride into the sunset

awestruck at God’s painting

of pink, purple, blue and orange

broken only by strokes of grey.

I find myself thanking God

for creating such beautiful things

And I think of you.

Everything that is Beautiful

reminds me of you.


 (inspired by all the beautiful people who have passed through my life.)


What is love?

I don’t know.

How does it feel?


How can you know how it feels but you don’t know what it is?

It’s a feeling.

What kind of feeling?

A gut reaction, something only your heart can tell you.

Why not your mind?

Because it is an emotion, not a thought process.

How can you be sure if its real?

You just know.

Suppose you’re not really sure?

Then you’re probably not in love.

How can such a little word cause so much controversy? Does anyone know what it is?

Leo Buscaglio, a professor a California Univ. said,


“Perhaps love is the process of my gently leading you back to yourself.”

Sleepin in the Bed you’ve Made

Why do people agree to relations & situations they KNOW

  are gonna cause heartache & pain, frustration & anger?


Just for a few hours of false intimacy, a few minutes of

 physical pleasure & deceitful conversation?


Just to try & fill the void left by unrequited love, dreams

 unfulfilled and childhood scars unhealed?


Many, many people find it difficult to sleep in the beds

 they’ve made.


Can you?

Questions from the Heart

How do you hide

the way you feel

for someone       

from that someone?


How do you not invest

time in that person

when time is all you


to be with them in spirit

when your only desire


to be with them completely.


How do you hold on to them


let them go?

Does it matter?

Strugglin, fightin (aren’t we all)

Pushin, pullin (trying not to fall)

Lovin, learnin ( to enjoy this life)

Workin, playin (to get through the strife)

Livin, dyin just to be (accepted)


To be me

Whoever I am

Whatever I’m made of

Wherever I’m from


Does it matter?


If you like my wit, mind & charm

        Then learn my name

Does it matter?


If you like my body, my curves, me

        Then realize I’m a mixture of cultures

Does it matter?


If you like the way I walk, talk and dress

        Then figure out I’m a Philly girl

Does it matter?


What does matter is ME

        Being allowed to be ME

Joy of My Life








Conceived in passion, borne of love

You are a precious gift, touched by above

You embrace life with a love and passion unbound

A treasure I need to have around

Born under the Twin sign of Gemini

You will not be one to let life pass you by

Destined for great things, that is you

From your first breath, I knew this to be true

How did I get so lucky, what have I done

To deserve a child as beautiful as you have become

The Creator has entrusted me with your care

 I’ll forever be proud with you as my heir

You, with your warm loving spirit

My life is much richer with you here in it.


   – For my Babi Gurl